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A bit about our History...


Bought in September of 1984 "The Hill" became Inn Kahoots under new ownership.  September of this year we will celebrating 40 YEARS of ownership and still going strong.  Inn Kahoots is a family business.  The building itself has been a bar since 1904!


Built on the road from Minneapolis to Rockford, Hamel was a busy town,  At the turn of the Century Hamel boasted a school, two hotels, the Church of St. Anne's, a hall for the Ancient Order of United Workman and numerous stores.  The town decreased to its present size after Highway 55 bypassed it in the 1950's.


As it grew, Medina graduated from "township" status to become a "village" in 1955; it incorporated as a city in 1974.


As of 2008, Medina is a prosperous, suburban edge city.  It's population of 4,987 residents are eager to preserve it's rural heritage.

Hamel remains an unincorporated city, but is an integral part of Medina.

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